Sandy Ridge Academy is committed to providing high quality, comprehensive educational, child care and recreational services to children of diverse abilities, backgrounds, talents, and interests.  Through collaboration, shared resources, and respect, families are valued as the critical link to each child’s growth and development.  Staff training and supports are seen as essential to ensuring a successful and innovative learning environment for each child entrusted to this academy.  Outreach and partnerships between and with our stakeholders including families, guardians, staff, board members, volunteers, and the community are vital to accomplishing this mission. 


Our vision is to inspire a passion for learning, growth, inquiry, and creativity.  Sandy Ridge is committed to encouraging children to become lifelong learners, responsible and caring leaders and young citizens, and students well prepared for higher level academic and social achievement through their experiences. Sandy Ridge Academy employs ethical and fair treatment to each individual ensuring that the environment is free from bias and limitations while promoting acceptance, competency, creativity, and openness. 


At Sandy Ridge Academy, we believe that all children can learn to their highest potential through skillful teaching and collaborative programming efforts.   We believe that children learn by integrated, well-planned, child-focused, developmentally appropriate instruction.  Children gain knowledge through hands-on experiences in interacting with their environment, their peers, and their teachers.  Our academic and developmental program is designed to nurture and advance the cognitive, social, emotional, speech/language, and physical skills of each child through individual and group learning situations.  We respect that children have unique learning styles, multiple intelligences, and varied approaches to how they will best learn.  Credentialed teachers and trained staff follow curriculum standards set forth by the Maryland State Department of Education in the areas of Reading/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical and Health Education, and the Arts including music, visual arts, and dance.  We believe children should have access to technology including the use of computers and other devices to access information and reinforce classroom concepts. A unique aspect of our program is the opportunity to share in learning with children of varying abilities and backgrounds.   Children are encouraged to appreciate and respect individual differences at an early age.  The children develop understanding and compassion for each other through play and positive interactions and through caring adult role modeling.  Carefully planned, curriculum-based, developmentally appropriate activities fill the child’s day.  Monthly themes are creatively integrated into our daily curriculum with a strong reading, math, and comprehensive academic base. 


  • To facilitate optimal learning and the acquisition of age-appropriate or above developmental and academic skills in an environment that encourages exploration, discovery, and self-worth

  • To provide inclusion opportunities with children of diverse abilities, needs, and cultures while providing an accepting, warm, and comfortable place for children to thrive and grow

  • To offer children an exposure to individual differences at a young age before prejudicial attitudes develop

  • To provide innovative and frequent opportunities for physical activity so that each child’s mind and body are nurtured through active movement and play

  • To provide a values-based environment where children and staff are respectful, caring, compassionate, truthful and loving

       Strive. Reach. Achieve.


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